Crazy Family

This is just an introduction to what will be crazy things that my family says, sees, or does. With a family of five, there seems to be plenty of material. Recently, the 19-year-old, our oldest, has been our greatest source of material. I recently read a post by a proclaimed millennial, who said he was tired of hearing, “when I was your age,” or “back in my day.” This mantra, of course, was used on me too. Just today, my own dad told me that he doesn’t know how we are going to survive today’s culture and values. He is even less optimistic about the world that my son will see. God forbid that he will have children. Each generation seems to say similar things about its youth.

Mainly, it is amazing that each generation seems to make the same mistakes as its predecessors. The mantra of “I want my kids to have a better life than I had” seems to reign. These same people tend to share stories about how much better life was when they were kids. It seems ironic. Each generation seems to survive, despite the fact that we continually predict doomsday.

I was recently lamenting the exploits of my oldest daughter with a family member. This person quickly pointed out that though I was aghast at her wild endeavors and decisions, I also secretly admired them. I guess there is some truth to this. We parents try to warn our children about dead ends and forks in the road. So far, my warnings have translated into a “to-do” list.

One of my daughter’s recent adrenaline-seeking activities was skydiving. I could never do this; I will never do this. But, I guess raising kids is similar. There is a certain excitement to the process, but the whole time one worries about whether the chute will open. Thankfully, though my kids push the envelope, the chute has continued to open. The adrenaline has worn thin on my nerves: even more on my hair.

In future posts, I will use this blog as a sort of therapy. I hope readers will find some sanity and humor in what I share.

John Wayne


3 thoughts on “Crazy Family

  1. Very true. Who can believe you nurture your sweet, innocent, lovely, children who then grow up and do crazy things to and with their bodies and minds. Interesting that at a certain age, we are convinced “I could never do something”. Indeed, at their ages, they can’t believe you didn’t. But, of course you did. You just did different things. Maybe they are trying to top your craziness. And, often, they succeed.

    For sure though, from a historical perspective, each generation does seem to have more opportunities to do crazy things. As a very experienced world traveler and one who has spent many years living in other cultures, I can relate to how open our modern western society is….The comparisons are sometimes almost like time travel. Our society one hundred years ago was very similar to many societies today, in which society can and will moderate behaviors. Our western society has inadvertently allowed behavior modification in a way that on a conscious level, most of us would never agree. So, it is very easy to say that old mantra…”back in my day”. And, it is so very true.

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