Back to School 

Summer came to an end nearly two weeks ago. I asked the 8-year old boy if he was excited. He was. I asked the 13-year old girl the same question. My query was met with contorted facial expressions of a variety difficult to reproduce, much less explain. She then said that she did NOT want to think about it. She used to love school. Why must they grow up? But since they do, I would like to know how I can skip the teenage years. I have difficulty with the emotions of females for starters, but adding the teen element leaves me at a loss for understanding. I am not allowed, under any circumstances, to show outward displays of affection in public and  very limited amounts in private. When I don’t express or show affectation to her approval, she issues statements to the other members of the household, namely her mother, that dad hates her. Keep in mind, dear reader, that I am, or at least I used to be, the ‘fun’ parent.

I recently came across this picture of two fun-loving children eager for school. They actually encouraged, in fact begged, us parents to go to their school to be with them. The teen has fired me from this task. But make no mistake, she makes it quite clear that I work for her. I am assigned a variety of duties ranging from buying stuff–this is her favorite task to assign, administrative functions like filling out forms, maintaining instruments, arranging instruction, feeding her, and tending to her emotional needs–without touching and with a limited utterance of words.

I have tried to resign my post, but have found that abandonment of this job is not possible.


3 thoughts on “Back to School 

  1. I enjoyed the post. As a big advocate and proponent of education not being a government imposed factory system, I wonder how much difference there would be in the experience if they were not attending a public school?

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