Christmas Cheer!

Christmas is usually a day mixed with both happy and frutstrating moments. We went to Church for Christmas Eve, but were then a few hours late for our family dinner at the inlaws home. They were half asleep when we arrived and there was very little food.

Dad of the year, that’s me, forgot to pick up my daughter’s present. We bought her a new bike and left it at the store as a hiding place. I was supposed to pick it up by 3:00 on Christmas Eve. I remember to do this at 3:15. So, she didn’t have anything under the tree from us except a picture of a bicycle. But she did have other gifts and I did pick it up first thing Saturday morning. It was a beautiful Arizona day for riding a bicycle–38 degrees. I’ve heard AZ is currently the coldest state in the continental US. I think mother nature did this just to rub it in.

The good news for Christmas was that we made up for the lack of a Christmas Eve dinner. The spouse made enough food to choke a horse. We haven’t been eating meat for over a month in preparation for Christmas and I at myself into a meat-induced coma. I also had a meat hangover!

Instead of venturing out, I colored with my niece. She taught me about complimentary colors–I still don’t understand. But, I think my birds look just fine. I mean good luck finding one of these in nature, but this is about stress relief, so if I had to worrry about that it would be counter productive. I refuse to research my coloring!

My son taught the wife’s cousin, an Electrical Engineer, how to erect a mechanical robot. My daughter wanted to know how I would look with hair. We spend enough money on shampoo for her as one should budget for a whole household. So being bald is my contribution to our budget and reduced bathroom time.

I hope all of you enjoyed a very Merry Christmas!



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