Those Sensitive People

When did everybody become so touchy? It would seem that I am constantly making people cry. I personally am not offended by jabs at my race, baldness, religion, shortness, or any other of my crazy attributesattribute. It’s who I am. Call me a honky or cracker–I won’t even report you to HR.

My wife and daughters are constantly getting offended by my straightfoward personality and dark, sarcastic humor. My wife asks why all of my humor revolves around insults. I explained to her that (a)–it’s funny and (b)–she’s an easy target. More crying.

So, I went to a work-sponsored Christmas dinner a couple weeks ago where I was my normal self. I was told later that my discussion of child support payments among basketball players was insenstivite. It is a common theme! Seriously. I was also reprimanded for referring to a young lady as anorexic looking. Umm, she was. Lastly, and perhaps my most egregious comment: I criticized somebody’s choice of food while in the employee cafeteria.

Wow, I’m just glad these people don’t spend all day with me. I mean that’s the light stuff that I don’t think twice about. If my kids were THAT sensitive, they would have been in therapy long ago instead of waiting until they’re adults to blame all of life’s woes on their parents– like the rest of us do!

I think a more well adjusted colleage said it best when referring to my personality, “There is nothing really wrong with him, the rest of us just need to work harder to uncover the good person that is in there somewhere.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


3 thoughts on “Those Sensitive People

  1. I’m a sensitive person but that meme is funny as hell.

    Don’t worry, when your kids are older and crochety-er, they’ll be better equipped to snort at the weird shit we find hysterical.

    PS: Criticize people all you want behind their backs but tell someone to their face what they should be eating and you better be wearing a cup.

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  2. Humor like this is frowned upon because the PC police want to engage us all to be little robots in a well oiled machine of industrialism. So, bring it on. Lets have more impolite and honest talk.

    Why should a person be upset to be who they are? If you are who you are and it offends you if someone mentions it, then either change your offensiveness, or become very proud of it.

    Some things we cannot change. Like our color, our height, baldness, etc. But other things can change. Fatness, flabbiness, being broke, ignorant, whatever… If you are not proud of those things, work hard like others have that have achieved something so you too can be proud, and call attention, when needed, to someone who hasn’t..


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