My big, fat ramble

Fat people are good for business, so it’s a good thing that we have plenty of them here in the good ‘ole US of A. I mean they eat for a family of four all by themselves. AND, they eat often. Their clothes require more material. Think of all of the medical business they bring: meds for their overworked, fat hearts, drugs, and doctor visits. They need treatment for broken kankles. Wheelchairs when their legs refuse to carry all of that extra ‘baggage’. They need two seats on an airplane. Their bulky frames require their cars to reinforce theirs. Think of how often their furniture must give out, requiring a constant replenishment of chairs. I mean, obesity is good for business. Seriously.

They are the perfect cusomer for big box, warehouse shopping centers. It’s much more efficient for our larger friends to buy enough chocolate bars to feed a whole troop of boyscouts for their personal use all at one time. But I discovered a negative attribute to copious quantities of fatties. Just today I needed to run into Costco to get dog food and whiskey and was in a bit of a hurry. Have you ever noticed how slowly the elderly move? When you combine the fat and the elderly into a single person, you are burdened with giant, aisle-consuming asses that seem to congregate together. Have you ever tried to weave in and out of whale-sized human traffic with one of their over-sized carts? It takes years of practice to learn how to do this without getting T-boned by a heifer with cataracts. And another thing…shouldn’t old people move faster than the rest of us? Hypothetically, they have less time to spare. But I guess that is a conversation for another post.

Okay, well that is enlightening enough for one day….


2 thoughts on “My big, fat ramble

  1. Well, I only fit one of the above classes. Hopefully, my ‘cataracts’ keep me from wiping out someone when doing my daily shopping. But, even a drivers license wouldn’t work for issuing the power carts as the state of (yours) never really bothers to check eyes when issuing… As a holder of an FAA license, I am not sure I could operate one of those powered trikes!!

    As usual, this blog is one of my favorite to receive. Always pertinent and humorous. Well done.

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