Daily Inspiration

I was pondering the meaning of life with my business partner, when I made an enlightening discovery. Life works as follows:


For as long as I can remember, childhood worked as follows:

  • Wake up
  • Get yelled at
  • Go to school
  • Get your lunch money stolen
  • Go  home
  • The dog eats your toys
  • Homework
  • Chores
  • Eat dinner (this is the worst part of the day)
  • Get yelled at by parents because their life sucks
  • Go to bed

It sucks…………we can’t wait to grow up

Repeat this every day for 22-30 years


Year 1

Days 1-359

  • Wake up
  • Have coffee
  • Kick the dog
  • Go to work
  • Show people how to make a few bucks
  • Go home
  • Eat dinner (this is the highlight of the day)
  • Yell at the kids because life sucks
  • Kick the dog
  • Go to bed

Days 359-365 1/4

Now you have a one week vacation. You go look at some water, spend too much money, eat poorly, and get a sunburn.

It sucks, you wish you were a kid again. That’s when life was best.

Repeat this cycle for 25-30 years

You finally save up enough to retire. You go in for a checkup the day you get your first retirement check and find out that you have cancer and your balls will fall off at any moment.

Live it up everybody!



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