Welcome to my site. I am new to blogging, but I was inspired by other bloggers who share interesting details of their days. Most of my material will center around the crazy things that people do: most material will come from my own family. As a deeply flawed person, I plan on being judgmental and critical. I am intolerant of others criticizing me, just to be clear.

I am a father of three, ranging from 19 years of age to 7: one boy and two girls. I am regularly amazed at the things they do and say. I have often joked that we should put a camera in our house for others to watch. The entertainment would be endless. Apparently, that idea has been done before, and I don’t like seeing myself on camera, so this seems like a better option.

I live in Arizona. I came here 22 years ago and never intended to stay. Now that I have been here this long, I am finally “warming” up to the idea. Yes, dry and sarcastic humor will be regularly peppered into my blog posts. For sanity, I read, play tennis, ride a bicycle, and hunt with my hyperactive pointing dog, a Brittany.

Work and family life certainly fill out the balance of my time, and will certainly provide plenty of laughs to share.


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